3D printing has become more common in orthotics and prosthetics, in part because it enables greater precision and limitless design possibilities. Our on-site fabrication lab includes a 3D printing room dedicated to printing unique orthotic devices for lower limbs.

We designed this brace to fit intimately and naturally around this person’s ankle. Though the brace is a single piece, it includes areas of flexibility and rigidity. That means that the brace is comfortable, yet supportive.

These 3D braces are typically much lighter weight and more streamlined than other types of custom ankle foot orthoses (AFO), such as leather braces. The low profile design also fits much easier into shoes, which improves long term wearing compliance.

We offer many different colors, including grey, black, blue, purple, and pink. Customizing the color of the brace is one way we can address the emotional needs of the person using it.

3D printing may still be relatively new to orthotic and prosthetic practices, but we’ve embraced this technology – a technology that has opened new doors for our patients.

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