Modification of a plaster cast to ensure proper stability and patient comfort

“The biggest benefit to fabricating our devices on-site is that we have the opportunity to manage every step of the process. We can customize out-of-the-box designs, combine different technologies, and make sure that every component is built to our standard. Our technician and I work together to address every detail, from the quality of the cast, the finish of the socket lamination, alignment, height, and the final appearance of the prosthesis. The appearance of the prosthesis is important because we want patients to play a big part in customizing the way their devices look. Each prosthesis is unique and special. 

Experienced technician, Jim Glover, removes a diagnostic socket from the cast

I like providing tours of our Durham fabrication lab because I can show patients that every step of the fabrication process is being managed by me, the person responsible for their care. If I sent the fabrication out to a fabrication company, I wouldn’t have control over the quality of what I’m providing. I know every detail has to be right and, because of our on-site fabrication, we can hold ourselves accountable to that. 

Brian M. Gold, CPO, reviews all measurements for accuracy

My personal favorite part of the fabrication process is the hands-on plaster work, assembling and aligning the components, achieving a great socket fit, and then making sure things look great from an artistic perspective.” 

-Brian M. Gold, CPO, Bio-Tech Prosthetics & Orthotics

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