People living with partial hand and foot amputations now have a new option in the Triangle. Surprisingly, not many people realize that custom silicone is an option after partial hand or foot amputation.

Highly realistic silicone devices address physical and emotional needs. For example, a partial hand amputee may be unable to grasp a cup without a partial hand prosthesis. The prosthesis provides passive function, grasp, and extension. In some cases, realistic anatomical restoration is key to the user’s physical and emotional healing.

Whereas some people require realism, others may focus more on function. Or perhaps their funding source will not cover a highly realistic prosthetic design. In these cases, we offer functional custom silicone devices that offer the functional restoration without the focus on realism.

In order to determine the right prosthetic design for the user, we recommending scheduling a free consultation with our team. To schedule a consultation, simply call our office. Our care coordinators are happy to guide you through the process.

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